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Small Business Ideas: Why Women Are Happier in Business

I woke up this morning, thinking about my early days of starting a small business and what was going on in my head at the time. This took me to wondering why some surveys are showing that women are happier in business, and why 90% of women considered their businesses a success, as opposed to 80% of men.The way women view life is very different to men, and this carries over into the businesses they create and run.Entrepreneurship ties in closely with the way women run their families and manage relationships.Women survive personal struggles by talking, supporting, and leaning on others whenever the need arises. When entering the business world, they bring along these home-grown qualities, enabling them to approach business from a customer perspective.There is much both men and women can take away from these observations, including outlook on life and a basic approach to business.Modifying Expectations and Creating OptimismMost women do not go into business with the aim of building something huge or memorable. Perhaps they are happier with their businesses because their expectation are lower.Here is a technique to use when starting a business, that keeps you optimistic as well as realistic, while reducing stress. Decide on a minimum income you need to survive – then work backwards to figure out how many widgets or services you need to sell in order to achieve that goal. See this as your success point, and recognize every achievement above this mark as a roaring success. In most cases the goal is achievable, which gives you enough reality-based optimism to move forward and enjoy the ride.Any TaskA woman truly is the proverbial lioness when it comes to protecting and providing for her family. There is no task too menial if it benefits her children.Entrepreneurs fresh out of the corporate world, are used to having many things done for them. As a result, on entering a start-up, they need to learn quite a number of mundane skills.When it comes to business, women are more inclined to wear many hats, just as they do in their private lives. This is ability vital to a start-up environment.CommunicationNetworking and mentoring are a strength in most women. It is what makes our world go round.You too, can learn to open up about your concerns, hopes, and fears to close friends and loved ones, which helps keep fear at bay and the creative juices flowing.Listening to and communicating with customers is the heart of any successful business.Use these observations to reduce your stress and eliminate the fear of failure.Go for it! Look for something you love to do and turn it into a small business.