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Correction of Some Misconceptions About Dental Health

It is very important to maintain good oral health. There are a lot of erroneous beliefs and practices related to oral and dental health which has a negative impact on the dental health.Some of these erroneous beliefs:1) Many believe that it is better to clean their teeth with a hard brush rather than a soft brush. That is wrong because the use of hard brush leads to erosion of teeth enamel from the necks of the teeth and resulting in roughness of the surface of the teeth and exposure of the sensitive layer of the teeth and receding gums form the roots. It is better to use a soft brush and toothpaste and follow a nice healthy way to clean your teeth.2) Many believe that when you note bleeding gums while brushing your teeth, the teeth must not be cleaned. That is wrong because the bleeding gums is the first sign of inflammation resulting from inadequate cleaning. And if you refrain from brushing your teeth that will leads to the accumulation of germ layer and, thus, more infections and odors. You should visit your dentist to avoid the deterioration of your gums situation.3) Many believe that the non-replacement of missing teeth does not affect the rest of the teeth or oral health. That is wrong because leaving the space created by the extraction leads to a failure of occlusion and the movement of the adjacent and the opposed teeth to fill the space which results in the periodontal pockets, spaces between teeth, the forward movement of the front teeth and sore jaw joint. You must replace your missing teeth as soon as you can in order to avoid those consequences.4) Many believe that the use of teeth to open cans of soft drinks or break the hard things is a testament to its strength and hardness. That is wrong because the use of teeth for these purposes, lead to cracks in the enamel and vulnerability, which increases the likelihood of your teeth to be broken or sensitive or even lose them, particularly if the teeth are covered with crowns or ceramic object, or has root canal treatment thereby increasing their vulnerability to break.5) Many believe that the use of teeth whitening products sold in the shops save money and time. These products May result in some teeth whitening but their effectiveness will not reach up to those used by dentists because the items sold in shops has low concentrations in order to prevent damage from misuse by the consumer. Therefore, teeth whitening when done by the doctor gives better results and it is much faster, especially using laser light or plasma. It is also safer and the color resulting from the bleaching is better and lasts longer.6) Many believe that leaving a bottle of breast-feeding in the child mouth during sleep has a calming effect on the child. That is wrong, the problem is that the majority of milk products contain sugars which lead to tooth decay, and to have the teeth immersed in milk for long periods of time that will expose it to bacteria and thus decay. The process of sucking for a long time may reflect effects on the growth of the upper jaw.7) Many believe that wooden sticks are useful to clean food from between the teeth. That is wrong; the bad use of wooden sticks leads to erosion of the teeth and injured gums. The wooden sticks should not be used in case of the teeth in contact and gums fill the space between them. In the case of spaces between the teeth or gums, you can then use the wooden sticks, but with caution, otherwise dental floss must be used to clean the spaces between the teeth.8) Many believe that it is normal for the pregnant woman to lose one of her teeth with the birth of each child. That is wrong, the change of hormones during pregnancy may make the teeth and gums more susceptible to infections and tooth decay. If the pregnant woman teeth and gum are healthy and do not suffer from infections, or decay, she will not experience problems during pregnancy. So, the woman who is planning to have children should take care of the health of her teeth, get them cleaned periodically at the doctor office prior to pregnancy. The different hormones in that period may worsen the gingival inflammation, raising the possibility of teeth loss. She must also eat healthy food during pregnancy and take the vitamins necessary to maintain the necessary calcium level for healthy teeth and bones.9) Many believe that the deciduous teeth (baby teeth) do not need to be cleaned or checked at the dentist because it will be replaced by permanent teeth. That is wrong; the deciduous teeth must be cleaned and checked periodically at the dentist between the age of two and five. You should urge children to clean their teeth from a young age, cleaning method at this stage does not matter, what is most important is for the child to get used to the use of a toothbrush. With the growth of child the family should try to correct the child cleaning method, but it should be done gradually, it is natural that the child swallows a small amount of toothpaste; therefore, specific toothpaste for children should be used because they contain less fluoride and does not pose a threat to child health.Neglect of these things will cause teeth decay and lead to abscesses and infections in the teeth nerves, causing the child pain and problems that could have been avoided easily. The early loss of deciduous teeth cause an imbalance in the chewing and affect the correct pronunciation, and lead to the loss of spaces for the growth of permanent teeth and result in overlapping and competing with the permanent teeth.To maintain healthy teeth you should visit the dentist every six months to examine teeth, gums, and get your teeth cleaned if necessary with fluoride application to increase your teeth resistance to decay because your teeth has been created to stay for life.